Out of 60 games, I didn’t find enough candidates to make RIF chains.  I did find a pile of possible upsets.  Many close games where I feel the spreads are higher than they should be, so will take the underdogs plus odds.  A few games that could be chained I just took the money line for each game as straight bets.  25 games costing $50 with a max payout of $36 if all were to work out perfectly.  Now I wait for Saturday!  I left visible some of my analysis columns just to show how disjointed the stats seem to me.  Basically this is a fun week playing with pretend bets!

week 12 init

Well, net loss of $6.  Not bad for low odds bets and RIFing probably would not have helped to save money.  My moneyline picking was awful – since the straight bets were mostly underdogs it is hard to pick which will come through.  Next week….

week12 final