Here I go again – after a lousy week last week, looking to stir things up and play lower odds and half the test in upset games.  Why not when it is pretend money??  The second half of the RIFs are bets taking the odds – I feel the favorites are not as strong as expected but they will still win the games or be close.


week11 init

11/12/2017 wrap up.

A good week, especially with the higher risk games – six in what I call a coin toss range.

week11 final

So far the focus on reducing the plays using part of the original stake is working pretty well.  Still, straight bets would have been about $5 better in total payout.  The offset is having to risk the whole $160 in bets rather than the maximum of $40 stake money.   The last RIF chain worked well this time – still only risked $10 from the original stake but reused part of that stake in addition to previous game win profits in the chain.  That sure made a difference from playing with profit-only after the first win in the chain.

Here is where I am for the season of RIF tests.

cash at week 11